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One of the top national speakers, “America’s Connection Coach” lives in Houston, Texas!

Jonathan Sprinkles delivers straight talk, ‘sprinkled’ with laughs. He is a TV personality, featured columnist, multiple-award winning author of ten books, and a leading authority on re- connecting organizations to create higher morale, higher productivity, and higher profits.

For nearly 15 years, organizations like yours have trusted Jonathan to provide high-energy, high-content messages on Motivation, Leadership and Change.

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Here’s why:  Jonathan delivers straight talk, ‘sprinkled’ with laughs. He is witty and he truly has a gift for inspiring people to perform at a higher level, but most importantly…his strategies work.

Jonathan’s philosophy is simple:  POWER = The ability to get results

Jonathan Sprinkles is irrationally passionate about equipping people in organizations like yours to realize the power they have to make a difference in your key goals. His message, “Unleash Your Power” ignites the power to perform at a higher level, the power to lead change, and the power to achieve your “breakthrough moment.” In order to go to the next level, your people have to first believe they have the power to do it!

Your audience will hear a message that is infused with classic American values:

  • Self-determination
  • Personal responsibility
  • Stepping up, leading by example, and having each other’s back


As a top keynote and motivational speaker, Jonathan has over a decade of honing the strategies he uses to help companies, organizations, and associations like yours. Having faced many of the same personal, financial, and organizational challenges your audience has endured, Jonathan “gets it.” He knows what looks good on paper versus what really works in the real world. Because he has been there, he speaks to the intangibles that finally connect the dots between theory and implementation. He uses elements of his personal journey from failure and embarrassment to becoming a top-rated authority in his field to remind his audiences to aim high and reject excuses.

Jonathan Sprinkles’ message has made him a favorite at banquets, conventions, and training events. He has also received high praise across the board among these top organizations.

MENTOR OF THE YEAR – Disney (5 Times)
PINNACLE AWARD – Houston Citizen’s Chamber of Commerce
40 UNDER 40 – Houston Business Journal


Jonathan prides himself in delivering action-oriented content to your audiences.

His strategies are simple, practical, and creative. Because of this, he has become a favorite among Houston’s event coordinators.

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